Montag, 15. Februar 2016

Truthwitch Read-Along Discussion Questions (Chapters 20-29) & #Giveaway

Welcome to the third week of the Truthwitch Read-Along! It's time for the discussion questions for chapters 20-29. Once again, here's the schedule of the Truthwitch Read-Along for you:

Week 3 Discussion Questions

Question #1: A huge part of the story takes place on the sea. Do you love the ocean? Would you like to travel with the crew on the Jana? Or do you think you'd get seasick?

Question #2: From the boys we've met so far - Merik, Aeduan, Kullen, Leopold - who would you choose to be your book boyfriend? OR: From the girls we've met so far - Safiya, Iseult, Evrane, Ryber - who would you choose to be your book girlfriend?

Question #3: Did you imagine the sea foxes as described in the book? Do you think they'll play a greater part later in the series?

Question #4: What is your first impression of Nubrevna?

"Whenever there were wrinkles, Merik had to smooth them out." (p. 205) Do you think he succeeds in "smoothing the wrinkles out"? What do you think of his actions so far? Do you like Merik?


As a thank you for participating I'd like to give away one preorder of the German edition of "Truthwitch". There's no cover yet, but it's going to be released in fall and I'll send it out to the winner as soon as I get my hands on it! Of course, it's open to international readers!

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  1. I love your questions and Yes I love truthwitch.

  2. Truthwitch is amazing - it's wonderful to revisit it again. These are fantastic questions Kim, and thank you for the giveaway! I am so curious to know what the German cover will look like!

  3. YES. I AM LOVING IT SO FAR. Some of my friends told me that the book didn't live up to the hype around it. I disagree, this was what I was expecting and I very much enjoy it!